• Josie Westmoreland at the ISEF Name Wall

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The 2019 EWRSEF happened March 14, 2019


Middle School Finalists – invites to Broadcom Masters

  • Sarah Hammond – Sanitation Techniques – Deer Park MS
  • Gia Larson – Using an Arduino to determine soil moisture & the effect on Plant Growth – Pride Prep
  • Abbi Arieth – Solar Oven – Deer Park MS
  • Ryan Lee & Deshon Ramsey – Attachable Sensor for Blind People – Pride Prep
  • Antonio Shove, Ysabelle DelaCruz, Gaberiel Aberra – Smart Pill Bottle – Pride Prep
  • Zander Darrington – Pride Optics – Pride Prep

Middle School Superior – invite to Broadcom Masters plus $100 

  • Alivia Bruno – ASL Translator – Pride Prep
  • Alivia Bruno


High School Finalists and Semi-Finalists

Kyra & Kaylee Sawyer, Julia Manzo, Coral Kowitz, Sarah Mahan & Erin Hucke, Jacob Satake, Rachel Harwood & Nicholas Heimbigner, Ansel LaPier, Destiny German, and Josie Westmoreland







High School Semi-Finalists

  • Julia Manzo – The effects of acid rain & varying pH levels on agricultural crops – Ferris HS
  • Destiny German – Purification of Water through Low Voltage Electrolysis Utilizing Graphene Electrodes – Odessa HS
  • Coral Kowitz – PTC Bitter Taste Receptors in Correlation to Picky Eating – Ferris
  • Kyra & Kaylee Sawyer – Polyster Intake by Raphanus Raphanistrum Subsp. Sativus – Rogers HS
  • Rachel Harwood & Nicholas Heimbigner – Analysis of Mycoremediation of Soil Pollutants – North Central HS

High School Superiors selected for ISEF

  • Ansel LaPier – Chest Wall Muscle EMG Activity During Arm Tasks – Functional Implications After Open Heart Surgery – Central Valley HS
  • Jacob Satake – Analysis of the Sequence and Expression of KLF11 in Type 1 Diabetic and Wild type mice – North Central HS
  • Josie Westmoreland – Brake Dust Particulates on the Development and Vitality of Drosophila melanogaster – Odessa HS
  • Sarah Mahan & Erin Hucke – The Use of C Elegans Organisms as an Indicator for Toxins in Feminie Hygiene Products – Ferris HS

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair “Outstanding Research Based Project Achievement Award” -certificate, complimentary WSSEF t-shirt, WSSEF refund of entrance fee

  • Destiny German – Purification of Water through Low Voltage Electrolysis Utilizing Graphene Electrodes – Odessa HS


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