The 2019 EWRSEF will be March 14, 2019


Some facts about the EWRSEF:

  • Participants must reside in an Eastern Washington County - Spokane, Whitman, Lincoln, Stevens, Ferry, Pend Oreille.
  • All projects must have an adult sponsor - this can be your teacher, a scientist, or another adult with a science background.
  • Eligible students must be in grades 6-12.
  • All participants can advance to the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair .
  • Select winners in grades 9-12 will be eligible to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair!
  • Select winners in grades 6-8 will be eligible to attend Broadcom MASTERS.
  • Students need to keep and display a chronological research journal.
  • Students can work individually or with a two to three person team.
  • All projects must be displayed on a poster board.
  • Participants will explain their project to judges then answer questions.
  • Lunch is not provided.  There will be places to buy lunch on campus.


Student Registration opens October 22, 2018.  Register online and simultaneously submit your forms and Research Plan. Each student needs to complete the online forms. Only the team leader needs to submit forms + research plan. 

Registration Deadline:   All required forms and a research plan for all projects must be submitted to the website by January 16, 2019. Projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents (ANY microorganisms or viruses), or hazardous chemicals, activities or devices may not begin experimentation until you have SRC approval, so early registration is strongly recommended. 

Abstracts and permission forms must be submitted by March 1, 2019.

Projects that miss these deadlines will not be able to participate.

EWRSEF is designed to:
  • Encourage and reward innovative student research and provide professional scientists and engineers the chance to interact with some of the best and brightest young students in Eastern Washington.
  • Provide students a platform to share their projects with their peers and learn about STEM related issues and careers.
  • Promote an understanding of STEM research among middle and high school students.
How does it work?
  • You can work on a project by yourself or in a team (maximum of 3 students) on the science or engineering project of your choice.  It needs to fall within one of the Fair's Project Categories.
  • Register online and submit a research plan by TBD.
  • Projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, or hazardous chemicals must register and get permission before starting experiments.  Register as soon as possible but no later than January 10, 2018.
  • Submit the abstract of your completed work by TBD.  Only one abstract needed per project.
  • On the day of the fair, bring your project display, project notebook, abstract, research paper (recommended but not required), and all of your completed paperwork.
  • At the fair, you will be given 5 minutes to explain your project to a team of professional scientists and engineers. The category judges will evaluate your project based on the WSSEF Judging Criteria.

Thank You 2019 Sponsors!!!!!

  • WSU Health Sciences Spokane

The 2018 EWRSEF winners attended ISEF in Pittsburgh May 13 - 18, 2018.

Visit the EWRSEF youtube channel to see videos from the ISEF.

EWRSEF winners at the 2018 ISEF in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Alicia (Wilbur) at Wall of Fame

Thank You 2018 Sponsors!!!!!

  • 2018 Bronze Sponsor

Congratulations 2018 EWRSEF Winners!!!

  • Cydni Marshall - North Central HS

The EWRSEF occurred March 15th, 2018 at the WSU Spokane Campus!

Here are some of the awards:

ISEF trip winners:

Project Name: The Effect of Green Tea on a Dementia Patient's Cognitive Function
Student’s Name: Aislin Gamon
School: Mead High School

Project Name: Dietary analysis of Sea Lion Consumption of Salmonid Stocks along the Pacific Northwest Coast, using qPCR and Florescent Species Specific Probes
Student’s Name: Cydni Marshall
School: North Central High School

Project Name: The Effect of Acid Rain on Wheat Grass
Student’s Name: Alicia Johnson
School: WilburHigh School

Project Name: Using different metal-enhanced GFPs to power nano-devices
Student’s Name: Lexie Smith
School: Ferris High School

Other Finalists:

Project Name: The Effect of Manuka Honey on Post Harvest Fungus Control
Student’s Name: Sydney Nessan
School: Mead High School

Project Name: Using C. elegans as a bioindicator for soil toxicity in areas adjacent to train tracks
Students' Names: McKenna Trogdon & Erica Shelby
School: Lewis & Clark High School

Middle School superior projects:

Project Name: Spin Position and Angular Velocity
Student’s Name: Holly Clark
School: Deer Park Middle School

Project Name: Is acceleration due to gravity a constant?
Student’s Name: Kevin Lin
School: Home School

Project Name: Gallium spinner
Students' Names: Jordan Berrios-Dunn, Ryan Taylor, and Jacob Dowers
School: PRIDE Prep Charter School

Project Name: Hydrogen Rocket (Watch Out Elon Musk)
Students' Names: Tru Moffitt, Matthew Andersen, and Dominic Faagau
School: PRIDE Prep Charter School

Project Name: Comparing Wind and Hydroelectric Power
Students' Names: Carmen Kiewert and Garrett Landers
School: Deer Park Middle School

Project Name: Blind Box
Student’s Name: Ryan Stephan
School: PRIDE Prep Charter School

Special Awards:

American Meteorological Society
Project Name: The Effect of Acid Rain on Wheat Grass
Student’s Name: Alicia Johnson
School: Wilbur HS

American Psychological Association
Project Name: Gender stereotyping in High School
Student’s Name: Emily Hahn & Karee Kampman
School of Students: Mt Spokane HS

Intel Excellence in Computer Science
Project Name: Code Correct
Student’s Name: Ethan Daines
School of Students: Spokane Valley Tech

Mu Alpha Theta (Math)
Project Name: Design of a Novel & Innovative Highway Exchange
Student’s Name: Peter Yu
School of Students: Pullman HS

NASA Earth Systems Science Award
Project Name: The Effect of Acid Rain on Wheat Grass
Student’s Name: Alicia Johnson
School: Wilbur HS

NOAA Pulse of the Planet Award
Project Name: Using C. Elegans as a bioindicator for soil toxicity
Student’s Name: McKenna Trogdon & Erika Shelby
School of Students: Lewis & Clark HS

Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Project Name: An analysis of the resilience of calcified corals under environmental stress
Student’s Name: Silas Chapman, Ryan Olsen, Mariesa Sjoberg
School of Students: North Central HS

Yale Science & Engineering Award
Project Name: Designing an improved new brace for comfort and mobility
Student’s Name: Madison Martin
School of Students: Spokane Valley Tech

CCS Scholarship
Project Name: Analysis of the Plieotropic, heat regulatory, TRPV3 gene in Columbian mammoth
Student’s Name: Steven Patrick (partners with Francis Neff, who was not eligible for this prize)
School of Students: North Central HS

WSU College of Sciences Scholarship
Project Name: Engineering of an Elisa based home contaminates system
Student’s Name: Saige Forbush
School of Students: Ferris HS

Congratulations 2017 EWRSEF Winners!!!

  • Congratulations to the top two winners of the 2017 EWRSEF! Faith King from Ferris HS and Issac Caruso from Lewis & Clark HS. Both will take their projects and compete in the International Science & Engineering Fair this May in Los Angeles.

Fun at the 2017 EWRSEF