Judging Criteria

The 2018 judging criteria.

Research Question (Design, & Methodology)

1.    Project displays a strong focused purpose or goal.
2.    Project clearly identifies and explains key scientific concepts relating to the experiment.
3.    Project has a well designed plan and utilizing scientific methods during data collection.

Execution (Data Collection, Analysis, & Interpretation)

4.     Project displays systematic data collection and reproducibility of results.
5.    Project applies appropriate mathematical and statistical methods in order to analyze project generated data.
6.    Project provides sufficient data to support interpretation and conclusions.
7.    Project displays significant creativity.

Presentation (Visual Display & Oral Presentation)

8.    Display shows logical organization of material and utilizes appropriate data visualization to convey a story.
9.     Display contains documentation supporting project interpretation and conclusions.
10.    Participant answers with clear, concise, and thoughtful responses to questions.
11.    Participant displays an understanding of the basic scientific concepts relevant to their project and project conclusions.
12.    Participant is able to convey the potential impact of project to science and/or society.

       13.  Contributions & Understanding of Project by All Members (Team Projects Only)